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Our Vision

It is important to establish meaning as to where the name came from and why it is so significant. blueLOVE holds very deep and personal meaning. Through the years, Lynne has had an infatuation with the color blue. In her early years of learning about falling head over heels with design, she became enthralled with graffiti in NYC and the entire under culture of a world of graffiti artists who had names, identities and personas all tied to their career of randomly defacing things with graffiti. But a deeper look shows that it is not really just random acts of ruining walls, bridges or buildings. More often than not, graffiti is not random, but rather an outward physical representation of a deeply inward emotion or sentiments of love or relationships. Graffiti, when approved and commissioned, has beautified many down trodden scenarios and given life to otherwise gray and dim areas, inspired youth to pursue art careers and started thought provoking dialogues amongst some of the world’s greatest artitsts. Graffiti, where accepted and welcomed, has surprised and delighted the masses. Graffiti, where permissible and desired, has built dreams of young artists and graphic designers.

Why does the word LOVE throw a shadow that is a heart instead of an “E”? If the general laws of nature applied, an “E” would throw a shadow that looked like an “E.” But clearly the general laws of nature do not apply to love, or blueLOVE. This “E” throws a shadow that is unlike itself, something different from what it appears to be; just like love, it may not always be what it immediately appears to be. It may be deeper, larger, and grander or much less than what we ever expected and appear in forms we don’t recognize at first. Or it may cease to exist quickly. Either way, “LOVE’s” shadow is not true to its form. LOVE is never what it appears to be, good or bad, delightful or sinful, love is so many different things all at the same time.

So how does blue tie in to graffiti and love? In NYC, in the early years of her career, Lynne frequently saw blue walls around construction zones to minimize the ugliness around the city with massive barriers. These walls became common targets for graffiti artists and, there you have it! The inspiration and common thread that makes blue love… blueLOVE!