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    Ocean Inspiration - Watch Hill, RI

    Ocean Inspiration - Watch Hill, RI

    I'm so excited to be writing my first guest blog for blueLOVE! It has been wonderful to have our associates, fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries as guest bloggers so far and we look forward to continued incredible content from those who inspire us! 

    As the chief designer for blueLOVE I draw inspiration from many things: old Hollywood movies, pop culture trends, technology, cities, sky scrapers ..... whether it is color, form or texture, I find inspiration for my designs in many unlikely places. The most inspiration for me though comes from the ocean and the coast. 

    I'm sure that growing up in Rhode Island has a lot to do with this! I consider myself lucky to have lived in a place where we are never more than a 20 minute drive from the water, more specifically the beautiful, navy blue toned waves that crash up against Narragansett shore, the "water color paint set" of aqua and turquoise surf you find near Misquamicut. The colors of these gorgeous waters have inspired many of my mirrored lenses and acetate frames for blueLOVE. 

    I also find inspiration in the curves of yachts and sail boats. The sails, the ropes, the round, nautical windows that grace these floating works of art have been foundations for my designs of lens curves, temple pieces and decorative treatments to some blueLOVE sunglasses.

    We have been fortunate to shoot many incredible ad campaigns over the years for our brand. Under the direction and keen artistic eye of Iva Kozeli, our Creative Director, we have shot on location in Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City and my personal favorite, Watch Hill in Rhode Island. 

    It was a relaxed, breezy August day with our team, our beautiful model, and an endless coast line full of opportunities. We were delighted to take our favorite shots aboard Trim Again  with the permission of Captain Jack Spratt. Trim Again is an exquisite treasure, without a doubt one of the most beautiful boats in America. Lovingly restored to its original grandeur. Trim Again is visual delight as well as very comfortable and excellent at navigating the New England coast.



    Our favorite dresses and tops  from the photo shoot were styled by Love Lilly, which are the quintessential summer resort dresses, tops and skirts. Each pattern in the fabrics reflects a summery day dream and the styles are meticulously designed to be both functional and gorgeous.