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September 27, 2016 2 min read


Guest Author: Iva Kozeli

Inspiration is everything to me. I love being inspired by people who believe in their work. For me, it doesn’t matter their background, whether they are artists, designers, directors, writers, performers, musicians, photographers, athletes, doctors, lawyers etc. All that is important to me is that they believe in themselves. Everyone has a different path on how they achieve their dreams, no path can be compared. The one constant that remains the same throughout all paths is belief. I feel the most empowered to continue to do my work when I see someone who is not afraid to live their dreams. For me, this is the biggest form of inspiration.


For more technical inspiration in my photography and filming, a few elements that inspire me are architecture, nature and light. There is something powerful about each of these elements and even more powerful when they all meet in one frame seamlessly. These particular elements guide me to visualize shapes and color when I am composing frames. Being able to scan and find these elements has led me to become more aware of my surroundings when I am scouting for locations. Architecture, nature and light has pushed me to open my eyes and recognize the beauty that exists around us.


To be inspired, you have to let yourself be free; free from fear, judgement and self-doubt. For me to continue to grow as an artist, it is vital that I do just that. Inspiration comes in many forms, you just have to be open to it when it comes.


Iva Kozeli

Note from blueLOVE : Iva is a visionary and leader in her field of photography, video and film making. She has photographed everyone from iconic celebrities to supermodels to today's most relevant bloggers. She enjoys discovering detail, new angles and beauty in unexpected places with each photographic endeavor. Iva also serves as the chief Creative Director for blueLOVE Forever as well as OPTX Eyewear. She travels the world constantly looking for new inspiration and is one of the most noted professionals in her genre.

All Photos: Iva Kozeli