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    Ocean Inspiration - Watch Hill, RI

    Ocean Inspiration - Watch Hill, RI

    I'm so excited to be writing my first guest blog for blueLOVE! It has been wonderful to have our associates, fellow entrepreneurs and visionaries as guest bloggers so far and we look forward to continued incredible content from those who inspire us! 

    As the chief designer for blueLOVE I draw inspiration from many things: old Hollywood movies, pop culture trends, technology, cities, sky scrapers ..... whether it is color, form or texture, I find inspiration for my designs in many unlikely places. The most inspiration for me though comes from the ocean and the coast. 

    I'm sure that growing up in Rhode Island has a lot to do with this! I consider myself lucky to have lived in a place where we are never more than a 20 minute drive from the water, more specifically the beautiful, navy blue toned waves that crash up against Narragansett shore, the "water color paint set" of aqua and turquoise surf you find near Misquamicut. The colors of these gorgeous waters have inspired many of my mirrored lenses and acetate frames for blueLOVE. 

    I also find inspiration in the curves of yachts and sail boats. The sails, the ropes, the round, nautical windows that grace these floating works of art have been foundations for my designs of lens curves, temple pieces and decorative treatments to some blueLOVE sunglasses.

    We have been fortunate to shoot many incredible ad campaigns over the years for our brand. Under the direction and keen artistic eye of Iva Kozeli, our Creative Director, we have shot on location in Miami, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York City and my personal favorite, Watch Hill in Rhode Island. 

    It was a relaxed, breezy August day with our team, our beautiful model, and an endless coast line full of opportunities. We were delighted to take our favorite shots aboard Trim Again  with the permission of Captain Jack Spratt. Trim Again is an exquisite treasure, without a doubt one of the most beautiful boats in America. Lovingly restored to its original grandeur. Trim Again is visual delight as well as very comfortable and excellent at navigating the New England coast.



    Our favorite dresses and tops  from the photo shoot were styled by Love Lilly, which are the quintessential summer resort dresses, tops and skirts. Each pattern in the fabrics reflects a summery day dream and the styles are meticulously designed to be both functional and gorgeous. 






    Italian Inspiration ...

    Italian Inspiration ...

    Just got back from Italy and the jet lag has been a struggle, falling sound asleep at 8pm and wide awake around 2 or 3am, but don’t feel too badly for me because it was a spectacular time, one that def inspired me, especially in terms of how I want to eat and dress on the reg. As SJP (or Sarah Jessica Parker) says to Matthew McConaughey in Failure To Launch, I’m not one of those girls who doesn’t eat. The polar opposite in fact. And truthfully, I had some of the best meals of my entire life in Rome, Amalfi, and Florence. But they weren’t fancy. So many times people confuse fancy schmancy with superior and that’s just not the case. My favs lunches and dinners overseas were what you might call ‘hidden gems’ - in a small winery outside Naples and a family run restaurant, down an otherwise deserted alley near our hotel in Rome. The key with all those meals is that everything tasted so fresh. So, it’s fresh over fancy. Now, in terms of style, my other big #obsession in life, one thing I saw in Rome that really impressed me (Big time!) was how much panache (I’m bringing this word back; it’s one of my goals thru the end of the year.) the men there had. And I’m not talking about a few here and there. I saw so many men walking around with great scarves, artfully tied around their necks, outstanding sunnies (aka, shades, aka, sunglasses), and maybe a satchel. I’d love to see more of that here in the Ocean State! Also going to remind myself of their aesthetic next time I have the urge to leave the house in a side pony, no makeup, and old sweats. 


    Guest Author: Patty J


    A Note from blueLOVE: Patty J is a popular and (may we add) very cool Rhode Island blogger who is highly read and well respected regionally. Her candor, wit, and oh so fashionable views on life, food and fabulous wardrobe are quickly devoured by her loyal readers. Catch more of her adventures on and on social at InstaGram: @pattyjdotcom and Twitter: @pattyjeffre1 Oh, did we mention that she's also uber stylish? Yes, she is. Check her out!  (photos: Patty J) 


    So ... What Inspires You?

    So ... What Inspires You?


    Guest Author: Tiffany Konecko 

    One of the toughest and most personal questions to be asked is what inspires you, however it’s a very important topic to ponder on as it allows for one to self-reflect and find what truly does inspire them.  The question allows for one to have self-growth and should be something one should think about often as inspiration changes on a daily basis.   The Idea of “inspiration” is a hard thing to comprehend.  Something that one person may not have noticed, is the most inspiring thing in the world to another.   So the question then becomes:  Inspiring in what way?  What does it inspire them to do?  To Say? To Think? To Create? To Imagine?  I personally find myself inspired by what others are inspired by, as that opens doors for me to take their inspirations combined with mine to create my dreams, aspirations and goals.    Inspiration is a curious idea and the amount of influences can affect the nature and creativity of people in countless ways.  To pinpoint true inspiration can be difficult, but it is a challenge that we all should take on.   This then allows for us to be that inspiration to others! 


    So what TRULY inspires me?  First and foremost, My two boys!  Just watching them laugh and enjoy the simple things in life, inspires to do the same.  Also the courage and conviction of others inspires me to stay true to myself and my beliefs.   It’s important to stand up, speak up, be BOLD and not afraid of judgement.   We all have our personal story of struggles and challenges, why not use it to help inspire others around us.  You never know you could be that light at the end of the tunnel they were looking for.  In addition, fashion is another outlet of inspiration for me.   Watching and walking in fashion runway shows inspires me to creatively write and feel what the designer was inspired by.   Every designer that I have walked for and/or watched inspired me to think outside the box when it comes to making my own fashion statements.   It’s ok to be different and we all have the right to awesome fashion even if it’s not the new trend.  I always say don’t follow the trend, inspire then next!   


    Finding inspiration can be difficult, but it should be done on daily basis.  My best suggestion to find your inspiration for the day or life goals:  Stop, go outside, look around, go for a walk, take notice of family, friends and strangers around you.  Explore their courage and creativity to find your own.  Your inspiration might be inches away, but don’t’ be afraid to feed your curiosity and explore deeper as inspiration can be found at any time of the day.   


    Note From blueLOVE: Tiffany is a sought after model who has walked for some of the most relevant and regarded designers from NYC to Las Vegas. Her charitable work is admirable, and she is a true blueLOVE girl who promotes happiness, self confidence and philanthropy in all who meet her. As a Mom, a role model, a popular blogger, wife, friend and fashion enthusiast, we here at blueLOVE are inspired by Tiffany. Be sure to check her blog:


    Inspired, the process, the goal, the success ...

    Inspired, the process, the goal, the success ...


    Guest Author: Iva Kozeli

    Inspiration is everything to me. I love being inspired by people who believe in their work. For me, it doesn’t matter their background, whether they are artists, designers, directors, writers, performers, musicians, photographers, athletes, doctors, lawyers etc. All that is important to me is that they believe in themselves. Everyone has a different path on how they achieve their dreams, no path can be compared. The one constant that remains the same throughout all paths is belief. I feel the most empowered to continue to do my work when I see someone who is not afraid to live their dreams. For me, this is the biggest form of inspiration.


    For more technical inspiration in my photography and filming, a few elements that inspire me are architecture, nature and light. There is something powerful about each of these elements and even more powerful when they all meet in one frame seamlessly. These particular elements guide me to visualize shapes and color when I am composing frames. Being able to scan and find these elements has led me to become more aware of my surroundings when I am scouting for locations. Architecture, nature and light has pushed me to open my eyes and recognize the beauty that exists around us.


    To be inspired, you have to let yourself be free; free from fear, judgement and self-doubt. For me to continue to grow as an artist, it is vital that I do just that. Inspiration comes in many forms, you just have to be open to it when it comes.


    Iva Kozeli

    Note from blueLOVE : Iva is a visionary and leader in her field of photography, video and film making. She has photographed everyone from iconic celebrities to supermodels to today's most relevant bloggers. She enjoys discovering detail, new angles and beauty in unexpected places with each photographic endeavor. Iva also serves as the chief Creative Director for blueLOVE Forever as well as OPTX Eyewear. She travels the world constantly looking for new inspiration and is one of the most noted professionals in her genre.

    All Photos: Iva Kozeli